Son of Coal Miner Mural

Astounding space, under construction.

Showing Lausanne transferring the drawing though to the wall, similar to using carbon paper.

Progress midway.
Worked on this latest mural on location at a private residence near Lynchburg Virginia.

More than ably assisting me, was Lausanne Davis Carpenter, a fine decorative painter (and scenic designer)from Mathews VA.

We blazed through the project in a little over a week (not including preparations I did in Philly) The mural measures 20 feet by 12.5 feet. In studio, I made large drawings to final scale of the mine head (the structure on the left, and the miner's bust. Once taped in place on location, we transferred the outlines of the drawing quickly onto the wall. 

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. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Wow...what a team!

That must have been fun!

Kim said...

yep, it was over too fast.

Lausanne said...

Really was a great experience. and did fly by. I'm ready to do it again :)