Son of Coal Miner Mural continued

Kim working on final detailing on scarf and lamp.

Lausanne painting the mine structure.

The completed mural. 

The coal mine depicted is a now *retired* Belgian coal  mine called le Bois du Cazier, and the miner's portrait is that of the client's father. The mural is a testament to his fortitude and sacrifice for his family. 

The miners of that time wore their safety lamps hung onto their scarves. Their helmets were made of leather. The hill behind him was created by a cart on a track which would trundle up and dump the tailings; the nearby residents, including my client when he was a boy, would climb the hill and pick through the tailings for scrap bits of coal, to sell or take home. The miners were called les gueules noires,  derogatory slang translating loosely as black faces.

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Janvangogh said...

I would have gotten lost in all those lines in the mine shaft structure.

Kim said...

think huge erector set; it was a logic ;)

Erik said...

That is awesome. And thanks for posting the photos of your process. It's always nice to see the process used for creating something so large.

Kim said...

thanks, Erik! I love documenting projects, great way to remind myself of the easy as well as the hard parts of the job.

Joyce said...

Hey Kim...I loved watching the progress of this and yes, blogging our work does give us a nice 'diary' to go back and refer to if needed right? :)

How's this Erik? ;)

Kim said...

thanks, Joyce.