Mural Topped

Tom and Chris attaching the cleats.
Top panel is resting on its cleat, needs to be nudged into alignment.
© Kim Senior Murals 2008


Lots of Muscle

Installation of my mural in the atrium of the Independent Hotel, Philadelphia.

Some pics of the construction team of Tom, Chris and Alex in all kinds of baroque poses as they struggle to hoist the awkward canvases by hand UP the scaffold, in a tight space.

©Kim Senior Murals 2008


Chic Upscale Boutique Hotel Opens

press release excerpt .......... "The Independent's design reflects a charming sophistication that is consistent with the building's architecture and the local area of Midtown Village. Interior Designer, Robert Moskowitz of Rittenhouse Interior Design Group, has redefined the four-story building's interior, bringing a chic- refined aesthetic to the warm and inviting hotel. The hotel's lobby is accented by a crystal chandelier and features a 30-foot by 8-foot, hand-painted work of art created by local muralist, Kim Senior. Senior is an accomplished Philadelphia artist whose mural and screen paintings can be seen around the city in both classical and contemporary styles. For The Independent, she has created a vibrant image of Philadelphia's Independence Hall, which spans three stories, rising from the hotel's lobby. Moskowitz's design paired with Senior's vivid piece de resistance offers guests a tailored, soothing feel amidst a rich color palette."

Independent Mural Painted Sideways

Its a 40 foot tall wall starting from the reception area on the 2nd floor, and looking up to the skylight windows. The elongated, stylized and gilded design of the tower of Independence Hall, using a vivid color palette, will be a focal point.
above; a digitally composed *sketch* to show how the mural will look when installed in the lobby.
The computer was indispensable for painting sideways. I gridded the sketch and canvas, and drew the image freehand... referring to a landscape or sideways view of the sketch on my laptop, taped to the top of a ladder.As I progressed with the painting, I took photographs of the work in progress, and was then able to flip them right side up on the computer to see how it would look.

Independent, 13th and Locust

I have been so busy painting lately, no time to blog properly. I just finished a 3 section 30 x 8 foot mural for a new boutique hotel called the Independent.
Its in a historic center city neighborhood recently renamed midcity village, more popularly known at the gayborhood. The immediate area was pretty seedy when I first saw it in the early 80s; a now deceased notorious speculator had purchase many of the buildings, and left them to unmaintained. That changed when he passed away; lots of condos and small businesses have revitalized and refreshed this area, and the Independent is part of that. The Independent is owned and operated by Hersha Hospitality Trust.
Mural across the street from the hotel, called Philadelphia Muses, by artist Meg Saligman, and some lovely details on bulidings nearby.

SInce I don't have a 30 foot tall (or long) wall in my studio, and because the renovations at the hotel would prevent me painting directly on the wall, we decided on painting it in 3 sections on canvas, in my studio. It meant I would again be painting sideways.
applying comp gold leaf to the mural

© Kim Senior Murals 2008