Topolski Action Drawings

I have an old issue of Marg magazine, with no cover; going to the Marg-Art website archives, and searching by keyword dates it 1957 September.
It has some action drawings by Feliks Topolski, illustrating an article on Classical Dance of India by Ram Gopal, who was the leading exponent of that form for many years.
I've scanned some drawings, (click to see larger) and linking to a photo of Ram Gopal from that time on another mag cover. One of the most challenging things to draw is a moving figure; Topolski sketched from life, and had a seemingly effortless facility, honed by constant practice.

A good example of the ability to draw, without labor, freeing the artist dash in colors and shapes. watercolour, gouache and silkscreen on paper, circa 1972
93 1/4 in. x 39 7/8 in. (2368 mm x 1012 mm)
Lent by through Pamela Cullen, Pandit Ram Gopal, 2002
National Portrait Gallery
bottom photos via http://www.salidaa.org.uk
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