Buddhist Mural Process

Some pics of the stages of the work of the Buddhist Garden Mural.
As the design calls for soft, flowing areas of paint, using acrylics rather than oils involves practice to avoid ugly *lap-lines* where the paint starts to dry before blending is finished.
Once I begin painting an area, taking into account the dryness of the air, I plan how much I can cover before the paint will become unworkable. Once it reaches this stage, I need to stop working it, let it dry before painting another layer.
The bamboo was to be painted as it would be hit by sprackly uneven light; I *oil in* ( using an acrylic glaze medium) a slippery layer over stalks that I have laid in with a base color; then I work quickly to soften the patches of different colors into it. Once this dries, I paint the more linear shadows and highlights with the aid of a mahl stick.
mural by Kim Senior
bottom three photos by Eileen Eckstein
©kimsenior.com 2008


Janvangogh said...

This has turned out great Kim. Lots of work.

Kim said...

thanks :)

Carla said...

What a great mural, Kim. Very nice 'room addition'. And you have photos where your arm is blurred from moving so fast!

Kim said...

thanks Carla. i was warmed up.

Ziska said...

Uhhhh Kim.... were you hanging from the rafters????

Kim said...

yep, and managed not to get a crink in my neck ;)