Frederick MD Art Walk

Met up with friends ( Pat, Lausanne, and Janet ) in Frederick MD this weekend. We of course honed in at first on the Community Bridge, which we had seen online in photos; which are tantalizing, but can't compare with seeing the bravura paintwork at a close range; very difficult to sustain the illusion, in this case seemingly done with ease. The murals on the bridge were painted by William Cochran and assistants.
We were highly impressed with the stylistic consistency through the entire work, and the strength of the *incised* symbols.

We were happy to get indoors out of the cold winds, at the nearby Delaplaine Arts Center
A highlight was the exhibit of photographs by Dana Appleton Reitman.
"Dana Reitman’s current work is the result of living and traveling for the past four years in Malawi, Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world. While there she took photographs and collected stories from women who live in rural villages. These photographs depict the dignity, the difficulty, the poverty, and the beauty of village life in a small African country." (from the Art Center show description)

We met Dana, who met us and went through the exhibit with us. Her website http://www.mzimu.com offers her Malawi prints for sale, and "proceeds from the photos will be used to establish projects that will directly benefit the people in Malawi."

At dinner, Dana and I discussed and argued for the merits of our pet cameras, hers is a Canon G6 G5, mine the Canon G7. We agreed that its the eye that makes the image, not the machine.
I felt like I was sitting across from Bonnie Raitt.


Janvangogh said...

I noticed depth behind the gate once I started looking at the photos.

strongv said...

Great Blog KIM.... Dana says hi and she WISHES she looked like Bonnie Rait... (and it's a G5 actually.....)

But THANKS for the blog and thanks again for coming up.

wonderful photos!


Kim said...

Pat, had a blast. I wish I looked like Joni ;)