Saturday with Camera

A friend visited us from out of town, who hadn't been in Philadelphia since childhood visits with her grandmother. We wanted to amble, take some photos, and do it on the cheap. Started walking north on the Schuykill River Walk, over to look at the Waterworks, then over to the newly opened Perelman Building, new wing of the Phila. Museum of Fine Arts. Stieglitz photographs, textile arts, and the art deco features of the building were the highlights. (free admission for the next year)

The benefit of the cloudy, cool skies, were soft light. Looked in on the Rodin Museum, (donation only) the Swann Fountain. After a great Malay lunch for $14 at Penang, we looked at the Marble and Carvings on the Old Federal Reserve Building, the Walnut Theatre, and went in a bunch of antique shops on Antique Row on Pine St.

Then we visited a mural I painted several years ago, where my gracious client offered us tea and muffins. (click to see larger view)

Descriptions of some of the images.
Top left;
Cira Center
Perelman Building
Zantzinger, Borie, and Medary//Gluckman Mayner Architects
door detail/ designed by Lee Oskar Lawrie
Splotch, 2003
Sol LeWitt
bottom left;
Rodin Museum
architects Paul Cret and Jacques Gréber
The Thinker
detail Gates of Hell
detail Burghers of Calais
top right;
Swann Fountain, Logan Circle
Alexander Stirling Calder
bottom right;
Center City
planter with ivy, Pine Street
capitol, Walnut Theater
ornament, Sheridan Building
ornament, Old Federal Reserve Building


Patricia Buzo said...

Great photos! Now I want to visit!!

Kim said...

thanks Patty. I'm always seeing surprises here.

Bisonwerks said...

Thanks again for linking to my site. Lawrie went on to do the Atlas and more than a dozen other sculptural works at Rockefeller Center, and works from coast to coast. Yet he remains largely unknown.

Another connection: The Rodin Museum was designed by Paul Cret He and Lawrie worked together on on the Eternal Light Peace Monument, at Gettysburg, with Lawrie doing the sculpture.
The monument was designed by Cret, who as Rodin Museum site notes, designed the Rodin Museum.

Lawrie also worked on the Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg carving three of the eight generals pictured on the monument, which as I recall, dates from 1908.

Your photos are well composed and beautiful.

Kim said...

Thanks Bisonwerks.
I would like very much to visit Gettysburg; of mural interest, there is a cyclorama there by Phillipoteaux