Open House St.Cornelius and DPAP

St. Cornelius Catholic Church is located on Ridge Road in Chadds Ford, Pa. "Carmen Cornacchia, an 81-year-old parishioner at St. Cornelius, said that the decorative walls of the church are an improvement over the plain, white walls the building used to have.

“It gives you more of a feeling that you’re walking into a church,” said Cornacchia, a Chadds Ford, Pa., resident, as he looked up at the murals painted above the entryway.

The murals, which feature bunches of grapes, are Grace Houseman’s favorite pieces of artwork.

“I think it’s gorgeous and it feels like going to Italy,” said the 33-year-old St. Cornelius parishioner from Glen Mills, Pa."

quoted from a recent article in the Community News, written by Adam Zewe.

Put some faces to some names, internet buddies mostly at the Open House tonight at the church. What a great turnout. The furthest from home was Hakan Engstrom, from Sweden. Natch he came all that way just to see this ;)

Really, a lot of folks are in town for the Faux Event 2007 at Valley Forge.



John Paul II Mural- "Image so lifelike.."

"And so the project expanded to include other areas of the church, with one of the notable additions being a faux stained-glass window of Pope John Paul II, a modern saint to many Catholics.

The image is so lifelike that viewers wonder if it was projected on the wall and copied, the monsignor says. It was not. Artists Kim Senior and Cindy Hernder created it freehand. "

From an article in the Wilmington Newspaper and online, that mentions the Chadds Ford church project with which I have been involved for several months.