Rolling Vineyard Mural Canvas

The DPAP *Vineyard* Mural class met at my studio last Saturday to paint the finishing details on the grapes. As it measures about 10 longer than my studio wall at 27ft, I improvised a spooling rig at both ends. (click on the panorama above to see larger)
Sunday, Cait Whitson arrived from Scotland; the flight was lovely, the taxi from the airport hair-raising. She gave me a hand rolling up the mural, before heading off to Chadds Ford and her graining and marbling classes.

[the mural is painted with acrylics on polyflax]


Lots of grapes- mural wip

Very intense work today, me and a student, to finish detailing the grapes in the DPAP wheatfields mural for St. Cornelius (DPAP) Work took place in my studio.
The installation class in the church will be August August 20-22.

we went for lunch to Koch's deli! They asked my student if she was a Koch's virgin :)

Made us a FANTASTIC jewish hoagie, lots of gently placed piles of succulent pastrami, provolone, lettuce, hot peppers, some oreg, some butter, absolutely fresh roll, it was beyond good.. and as always at Koch's generous tastings of pastrami handed over the counter to us as he was slicing, and beautiful perfect pickles/


Screen -Stained Glass Window with Cat

Screen acts as room divider in an Edwardian home. The design of the glass is derived from the real stained glass windows in the home, though with color added. Painted with acrylics in muslin, mounted on basswood frames. height is 7ft.

Fairmount Patio Mural

Mural painted with acrylics on masonry/ 2ft x 40ft. Residence in the Fairmont section of Philadelphia. It has a UV protectant topcoat.


Painting and demonstrating

this is a brief moment of me teaching the vineyard mural class; one of my students took the footage, with my camera turned sideways.. it took me a while to figure out how to rotate it so it wouldn't distort.. and thats the reason for the wide black margins.