Natural History Diorama Artists

Engrossing; the American Natural History Museum's dioramas and many good images and info about many of the artists.

I am eager to see these dioramas again, they are absolutely stunning.
more on dioramas at the Yale Peabody Museum;
"For more on the techniques used to create the Yale Peabody Museum dioramas, http://www.yale.edu/peabody/exhibits/dioramas.html
(It mentions that Perry's own techique for transferring images onto irregular surfaces is described in “James Perry Wilson and the Art of Background Painting,” by Dorcas MacClintock, 1976, Discovery 12(1):28–30, and “Water, Earth, and Sky: The Art of J. Perry Wilson,” by Ken Yellis, 1995, Discovery 25(2) pp. 35-36.)

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