Natural History Diorama Artists

Engrossing; the American Natural History Museum's dioramas and many good images and info about many of the artists.

I am eager to see these dioramas again, they are absolutely stunning.
more on dioramas at the Yale Peabody Museum;
"For more on the techniques used to create the Yale Peabody Museum dioramas, http://www.yale.edu/peabody/exhibits/dioramas.html
(It mentions that Perry's own techique for transferring images onto irregular surfaces is described in “James Perry Wilson and the Art of Background Painting,” by Dorcas MacClintock, 1976, Discovery 12(1):28–30, and “Water, Earth, and Sky: The Art of J. Perry Wilson,” by Ken Yellis, 1995, Discovery 25(2) pp. 35-36.)


Starching a Translucent Drop DVD

"Starching a Translucent Backdrop" One day in the Scene Shop starching a backdrop for Opera Colorado's production of "Elixir of Love".

Just released; excellent DVD produced by Ziska Childs Design LLC.


Pastoral Landscape Sheep and Church- Class

This is the digital sketch for my mural class that will take place August 13 to 17, in Chadds Ford PA.
It is landscape, with the church in the distance, and a flock of sheep in the forground, and will be located in the Bethany room. The theme of the Bethany room is of healing and restoration.

It will be an small class, lots of individual attention. We will use various decorative techniques, and learn how to transfer the sketch to the polyflax quickly.

When we agreed with the church on the theme, I was lucky to be in a beautiful rural area visiting my family, and my Dad helped me find a small farm where i was able to take lots of pics and do some sketches of sheep, including some sweet lambs.
This decrepit farmhouse is for sheep only now. They are visible in the shadows.

link to finished sheep mural


John Paul II Stained Glass Mural Class

This is the digital comp for the Imitation Vitrail/Stained Glass Class August 6 to 10 (Chadds Ford) . The mural will be painted on Polyflax.

UPDATE: link to pictures of the John Paul II mural in progress

UPDATE: completed mural.