Vineyard Mural Class, Chadds Ford, DPAP

The DPAP Vineyard mural class ended Friday; we had a challenging, creative and fulfilling experience as teacher and students together.

We all appreciated the parishioners who quietly came in after morning mass to the ambulatory where we were set up each day.. Some came in every morning to see the mural as it developed; by the third day, as they could see more of the composition filled in, they were all excited (as we were too) to see how much we had gotten done the day before.

Circumventing inconveniences leads to invention; also the time pressure kept us focussed on the dual goals of learning and executing new techniques. This class, on location at St.Cornelius Catholic Church, provided actual jobsite experience, of accommodating the needs of the church activity; how to *get it done* despite distraction, and stay organized and on schedule.

Our last day Friday, was a shortened time frame, because there was a wedding scheduled for 4pm; so we needed to stop painting by 1pm to let the paint dry enough to roll the canvas to take over to the Parish Hall to unroll and let it rest overnight. Then pack all our gear and paints and leave the ambulatory pristine.

So the bunches of grapes need to be worked on further; we all agreed to meet in a few weeks at another location where we can do the final grapes colors and any other last details, as a team.

Thanks to my students, who brought their talent and focus and enthusiasm, they are all pros, and we taught each other.

Each person brings their own uniqueness and talent as a gift, every *hand* is different, and combining these, and taking advantage of each *hand* in a team effort was my challenge.

There also was the wonderful aspect of expansion and tranquility of working amongst a spiritual community of people; we were of various faiths, and were welcomed wholeheartedly; it added another dimension to our work to hear the children's communion rehearsal nearby, with the sweet singing of the Sister in the church, and the celebration of mass nearby in the chapel.


Inliquid Fundraiser Pillow

The front and back of my 20inch pillow, which is going to join pillows painted by 99 other Philadelphia area artists, for an auction at Inliquid, to raise money for Manna.. a program that brings freshly prepared meals to folks with life threatening illness.
Wednesday, April 18
5 – 10 pm at
dane d├ęcor downtown
315 Arch Street, Phila., PA
tickets $10 at the door

I found out about the event from my friend Janet, and we picked up our blank muslin pillows a couple weeks ago.

Janet's beautiful pillow is on her blog.