A Dream Like This World

The title is taken from "A Dream Like This World: One Hundred Haiku" by Nagata Koi translated by Nana Naruto and Margaret

"the catfish in the pond laughs
someone on the shore laughs, too"

4ft x 7ft acrylic, composition gold leaf on muslin, mounted on panel. Shown at the 2007 Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show.


Pierre Le Fumat at Trompe l'Oeil Museum

"Pierre Lefumat will be the guest of honor at the Musée du Trompe-l'oeil (Trompe-l'oeil Museum) in Perigeux, France. From June to August Pierre will have his exceptional works of wood graining and faux marble exhibited at the museum."

I was privileged to see the work of Pierre Le Fumat when he exhibited in Philadelphia in 2005 for Salon.

this panel approx 20 x 30 inches.