Woodland Winter Walk

I hadn't walked through Woodland Cemetary for a long time, it had been closed to the public for several years.
"The grounds surrounding the mansion, planted by Hamilton with approximately 10,000 species of native, foreign, and rare plants, were one of the finest landscape gardens of its day. In 1806, Thomas Jefferson wrote to Hamilton, "The Woodlands is the only rival which I have known in America to what may be seen in England." On Lewis and Clark's return, Jefferson asked Hamilton to germinate three lots of seeds that they had collected. So taken back by the estate, Jefferson later invited Hamilton to help design his gardens at Monticello."

Its been open for a while now and is a retreat for deer and joggers (no dogs)

I walked through today, and saw only trees and some students taking measurements of one of the buildings. I did see lots of scat and tracks from the deer thoughout.
The trees here are ancient and could use some arborist's care.The Saturday farmer's market in Clark Park a hit of color after all the greys.
Kim Senior Murals and Fine Decorative Painting

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Janvangogh said...

At first those deer looked like they had blankets on them -- like horses! Somehow I guess I wouldnt have been too surprised if they had been!