Walk, Winter, Margerum's Etc

Margerum's Preserves
Brisk walk through Penn campus, gargoyle on Quad (spruce St)

Ice covered most of the biopond near Hamilton Walk

Then to Clark Park.. I was happy to see the farmer's marketing on such a cold day, they said it was the nicest weather in the last week or so.
Chatted with Noelle of Margerum's Herbs Etc.; for years she ran a wonderful stall selling dried herbs and pulses in the Reading Terminal; now she does several outdoor markets in the city. Bought some yellow and green split peas for soup, some dried elderberries for tea, and some herbes de provence, bay leaf and thyme and unprocessed dried coconut.. under $10..
i love the light coming though her preserves.

During the winter Noelle is at Clark Park Saturday's from 10 to 2.

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