Vernet Painting Panorama

Villa at Caprarola
by Claude-Joseph Vernet, French, 1714 - 1789
Oil on canvas, painted 1746
52 3/16 x 121 13/16 inches (132.6 x 309.4 cm

I am very excited to be able to use my new Canon G7 to get handheld shots of artworks in situations where flash is not allowed. Photographs are permitted in the regular collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. My previous digital camera was a G1, which I am fond of still.

Here is a panorama photograph taken without tripod at the PMA. It turned out better than I had hoped, and I know I can get even better results, as I learn more about the camera settings.

I made two shots of this one, in landscape orientation, to be able close in and see the details. I stitched them using Kekus Calico software (which I have just started using as well) If I had taken more overlapping shots in portrait orientation, I would have gotten less curving of the final image, but a huge file.. this is good enough for my purposes, to have a record of the painting to learn from.

I have also included here a 100% crop of a section, of one of the original shots. ( crop tool set to 700 x700 at 72 res) On this one I did a little bit of unsharp mask, not too much.

The lighting in the museum is variable, the room was relatively well lit. The colors achieved in the photograph are pretty close to the original, at least on my monitor ( Powerbook G4)
My camera settings;
0.4 s at 2.8
focal length 7.4mm
f 2.8
Flash did not fire

Stitched with Kekus Calico, and a bit of levels adjustment CS2, after stitching.
update, March 5 /07
recieved an email from Siegfried who owns the site mycanonG7, that he posted this description there.. thanks Siegfried :) you have a wonderful site

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Janvangogh said...

Looks like a nice seamless stitch. I never would have guessed.