Rendezvous Old City

Took this today, walked up 2nd street to meet Janet in Liberty Village; web buddy, who has just moved from Wisconsin to the Delaware Valley. It was brisk, at about 19F. Brisk for us, but arctic blasts for other Old City folk.. we had the restaurant mostly to ourselves.. of course Mondays are slow anyway.

It was cold enough that I had to put my camera in a baggy, when going from indoors to outside.. this is supposed to reduce condensation. the camera worked fine, but the battery life goes way down. And I forgot to bring my spare.

Janet has begun a blog that is posted on the Inquirer. We agreed we have watched hours disappear with the time we spend on the net.


Janvangogh said...

That is a very nice picture. I suppose most people look at how rusty and in need of paint that bridge is. But of course we see great color and lots of texture.

I posted about the Chadds Ford workshops on my Philly blog. I think I got all the links straight. There were alot of them!

Kim said...

Thanks for posting about the painting workshops!
As final details and logistics are set, i'll be putting more info on it on my blog and site.

we are working with the church to come up with a meaningful and beautiful design for the murals, and all the other decorative finishes.