Distressed Easel

A job last summer that turned out to take longer than planned.
A client wanted to acquire an antique easel to display a new oil painting.

He wanted my help, either to find a real one, or to ~antique~ an new one.
I found several easels on Craigslist and emailed some images to him, either too massive or not massive enough.

He found one called an Appleton Academy by Richeson art, shipped to my studio,
and after a 3-day turnaround was shipped on to his home in Santa Fe.

It was such a sturdy piece, I was very impressed with the quality of the wood and manufacture.. what took me a long time was I had to assemble it to properly distress it, then dissemble, and figure out how to repack it!

It came in many, many pieces, and most of the labels did not correspond with the instructions, and i needed to remove the little stickers anyway.

I used oils, because it had some kind of finish, probably urethane? and I was worried about acrylics not curing in time, or not adhering.

Finished with painting in place. The painting of a Chinese child was painted by Dai Shu Bin, a Tibetan artist, who has since passed away.


Janvangogh said...

Hi Kim. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Jack Richeson used to work for Best Easel and then bought the company.

My friend Terry Stanley, www.artladyconfidential.blogspot.com works for them and would find it interesting to see what you did with their easel.

Art Lady said...

Hi Kim - Great job on the easel! I forwarded to the company president too. The painting on it is great - do you know who did it? Thanks for stopping by my blog too! Keep up the great work.

Kim said...

Thanks, I enjoyed your blog, thats beautiful show!
My client would be able to tell me, he has a collection of oils by emerging artists from China and Nepal. I think hes travelling in the South Pacific right now. I should really get an attribution for it.