Installing Montecatini Mural

Bill and Joe did a masterful job installing the mural.

The mural has been marked on center, on all sides, prior to rolling up and transporting. The lasers are set to show the centering lines, horizontal and vertical. Joe is a tall guy, and what an asset to be be able to reach the ceiling without a stepstool.

The mural muslin has been sized several inches too large for the wall, and a good thing.. there's quite a sag in the old structure, and we almost ran out of *extra* . After waiting for the mural to *relax*, as he puts it, Joe trims the excess, and pulls away, BIll is smoothing air pockets out with a smoother.

Next , discuss a venetian plaster finish for columns, get some tracklighting installed, and get wide-angle pics at dusk..

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Joyce said...

Kim! BRAVO!!! How enjoyable to watch this mural transpire! thanks for sharing your gift. :)