Montecatini mural, sources and sketches

I had wanted to take time to bike around Philly, and take pics of columns, capitals, any interesting architectural details, there is so much visual richness here. Took advantage of some great weather, found some ionic capitals, and inlaid marble.

Also looked on the web for photos of peacocks, as it was requested one to be painted in, as a symbol of Pakistan.
Usually peacock imagery in these murals is more related to their having been collected as exotic living ornaments by wealthy Europeans, so I was pleased to be able to have this link to their native origin.

Decided on an angled perspective, because of the context of the site.. the main point of visual impact they want is when seen from the entrance to the sitting room, not directly across from it.

They also requested columns, and *broken* ones, and for the entire work to have a real *wow* factor.

I looked at many images of classical statues, and wanted to stay away form the obvious
ones, finally found the boy with dophin in an auction catalogue. These sketches begin with traditional pen and ink and paper, and are then scanned and manipulated

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