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Packing and moving are always a chore.

From now on www.kimsenior.com will be where I'll be posting. All the old posts from this old blog have been copied over to it. My site and blog are now consolidated, and wordpress seemed the best way to do it.
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I'll leave this https://kimsenior.blogspot.com (Art Murals Paint) up for a few more months,  and then deactivate it. If you have subscribed to this rss feed, this will be the last post.


Exhibit of Screens Innovation Center

Five folding screens are on exhibit on the first floor at the Innovation Center for the next 3 months.

128 Lakeside Avenue
Burlington VT


New Paintings for 2013 Art Hop

"Poppies with Old Fountain" 24 x 36" acrylic on paper.

I will be showing 6 new works at the Maltex building, 431 Pine Street, from Sept 6 -30. ; 5 acrylics and one oils.

Part  the upcoming Art Hop, organised by SEABA.


Ornamental Fence with Poppies

I walk past this garden and fence several times a week; it is a familiar feature in our neighbourhood. I often take photos of the flowers; its always well tended with perennials blooming from spring to fall.

From left to right and in order,
the photo I worked from, showing the fence masked with low-tack tape; painting the background over the mask; the mask removed, then the development of the shadows and highlights of the cast iron.
"... a grape vine pattern in a rinceau motif. Examples of this fence design are found in front of several Second Empire homes in Spruce Hill.

By the 1840's the abundant amount of anthracite coal from the fields of Northeastern Pennsylvania flowing to Philadelphia down Pennsylvania's river and canal systems provided an ample source of fuel for the industrial cast iron foundries. Cast iron, an alloy high in carbon, is more brittle than wrought iron but also more weather resistant. In addition, it pours readily, making mass production of ornamental iron possible. "

quote from the University City Historical Society


Alice's Garden Painting at Home

The garden in winter. (click images to see larger)

We travelled out to Delaware County yesterday with the painting. I helped install it, used Z clips, my favorite, since the art will stay level, and its so easy to just lift it in place, and set on the clips.

To celebrate, my client took us for a fantastic meal at Umbria in Mt.Airy. I have to say it was one of the best restaurant experiences I've had in years. 

© kim senior 2008


Garden Portrait in Oils, done.

Completed garden portrait. click image to see larger. Earlier stages here. Got our first little snowfall today, had to wait till the flakes stopped to take the painting outside to photograph.


Garden Portrait in Oils

Almost finished, the final details are yet to be done. This is a commission to memorialize a  wonderful gardener. The perennials are her favorites, not a literal depiction. Shown at their peak, oakleaf hydrangea, hydrangea macrophylla, crepe myrtle, rhododendron, peonies, astilbe, rubrum lilies, mary todd lilies, and beech trees at the rear.